True North exists to drive FinTech forward.

Our clients consider us one of the most trusted full-service software product architecture and design firms in the world, with a reputation that precedes us, and our quality work and trusted relationships with top FinTech companies drive referrals.

Our Leadership Team

Alex Gonikman

Co-Founder & CEO
Brian Samson, Co-Founder & President, True North FinTech

Brian Samson

Co-Founder & President
Agustin Sanchez, SVP of Engineering, True North FinTech

Agustin Sanchez

SVP of Engineering
Patrick Mahaffey, Head of Growth, True North FinTech

Pat Mahaffey

Head of Growth
Patrick Boyce, CFO, True North FinTech

Patrick Boyce


Our Story

Collaboration is the key to all great success stories. Even superheroes are doing it.

When we sat down in that kitchen back in 2013 and began to hatch our FinTech plan over stale pretzels and strong coffee, we knew we’d have to work together to execute it perfectly… We’ve been in your shoes, we understand the challenges you face as technical leaders, as visionaries in a disruptive market.

We wanted to build a team to be that partner we always wanted. 

We enlisted Brian’s decade leading talent acquisition for hyper-growth startups and Alex’s problem-solving mindset acquired from over 2 decades in software engineering. Together, they hand-picked team members with over 100 years of combined experience within FinTech and share True North’s ultra-high standards. We’re able to staff faster, architect a solution, facilitate a different tech stack, and solve the hardest challenges.

It’s this entrepreneurial spirit and these innovative solutions that allow our clients to sleep well at night.

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