Do-it-yourself works fine for home improvement. But with FinTech, staffing up through True North can work better, ensuring best practices, cutting-edge creativity, greater cost efficiencies plus faster completion. Whatever you need, entrust True experts to handle it.

Product Architecture & Design

Financial solutions touch many different entities and talk to many different systems. Their framework has to be right. Set your project up for success with our product architecture and design gurus. Our team works with your team and network partners to create the next five-star FinTech app.


Switching to DevOps as a service could not only boost your ROI. It also ensures you’ll have the sharpest FinTech talent on your project. Our compact teams take an agile approach, enabling them to build high-delivery products with fewer people and fewer billable hours. Where’s the downside?

Software Testing & QA

Bugs and a poor UX can kill even the best FinTech innovation. Don’t let speed-to-market ruin your rep. Bring in our skilled software QA and testing fanatics to run your solution through its paces, find-and-fix, and recommend best-practice improvements to make it world-class.

Back-End Development

FinTech projects live and die by their back-end precision and efficiency. There’s no room for error. Entrust your project to the financial experts at True North. Our back-end development talent creates high-load performance systems with flawless accuracy and stability. Your solution will be bullet-proof.

Front-End Development

Dazzle all your user groups with a front end that breaks down barriers and delivers a fast-loading, memorable, unified experience across all devices. We’ll provide you with brilliant development talent that has the right mix of technical mastery plus serious creative chops.

UI/UX Design

Want great adoption? Make sure your FinTech app offers a great user interface and a great overall user experience. True North has a deep bench of UI/UX design talent that knows how to make your project speak to millennials and deliver the wow. Seamless user experience = boundless profit potential.

Application Management

Your FinTech app is up and running and raking in tons of money. Now what? Call on True North for the expertise to keep it that way. Let our people handle the operation, maintenance, versioning and upgrades of your system. We bring the best practices. You sit back and relax.


Blockchain’s not just for payments anymore. It’s transforming the greater world of FinTech. True North is already a tech leader in this emerging field. Our talent knows how to employ blockchain to invest your next project with unprecedented security, transparency and cost-effectiveness. Count on it!

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