Framework Solutions

Advanced Architectural

Accelerating customized solutions with reliable foundations

Based on more than 15 years of extensive R&D, these fintech solutions are built to quickly launch products with full customization and composability to future-proof your offerings.


Our proprietary neobank framework works in conjunction with our UX/UI Design System to help clients build solutions that speak directly to their customers’ needs.

Our neobank framework allows you to:

Build Innovative Solutions

Jumpstart your unique platform using our proven foundation

Go-to-Market Fast

Your MVP delivered in 4 - 6 months

Core Agnostic

Integrate with any core platform or Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider


Plug-and-play with best-in-class fintech APIs so your offering is never out-of-date

Scale on Demand

Add new product verticals and evolve as quickly as your customers evolve

Your Challenges:

White label products do not offer unique or innovative solutions
Build neobank alternatives that currently don't exist
Launch quickly and efficiently in order to begin servicing new customers
Provide differentiated and superior customer experiences
Add fintech providers to a traditional offering
Remove complexities of day-to-day digital transactions
Design System

Our expertise in financial services applications, including account opening, KYC, and loan servicing, delivers a positive user experience.

Our UX/UI design system enables:

Solid Communication

Our well-documented component anatomy creates a smooth transition between designers and engineers

Best-in-class User Journey

Account opening, KYC, loan applications, and more, reflect the most modern experience demanded by customers

Automation Capabilities

Custom built automation allows designers to quickly implement sweeping UI/UX changes

Customizable Library

Our component library of buttons, avatars, inputs and alerts is populated to allow for creativity and consistency

Fast Delivery

Design time is reduced by as much as 50%, from 4 weeks to 2 weeks

Your Challenges:

No experience with best-in-class UX/UI standards in financial services
Communication breakdown and poor hand-off between the design team and dev team
Current UX/UI is too complex and non-intuitive for the user
It is tedious to implement sweeping, new branding changes
Inconsistencies within design components creates a frustrating user experience
It is expensive and time-consuming to design components from scratch
Our services include consultation through implementation

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