The FinTech industry is an energetic ball, always in motion. However, a new crop of innovative female FinTech leaders are disrupting the status quo and changing up the current trajectory of the FinTech world. While the FinTech industry traditionally has been a male-dominated world, women are not only finally joining the industry, but also taking on major leadership roles and reshaping the new normal.

Female FinTech thought leaders are bringing in their own experiences and unique perspectives to the industry where finance collides with technology. Female leadership in FinTech is not just repackaging traditional methods with a pink bow. This new crop of female leaders are helping the industry to evolve with their diverse experiences, expectations, and perspective only they can bring.  These six women are crushing old-fashioned ideas of FinTech leadership as they plow through the glass ceiling without skipping a beat.

Sallie L. Krawcheck cut her teeth on Wall Street early in her career. She gained experience with household names like Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, and Bank of America. She has a strong financial research analytics background and an impressive track record in the corporate CEO world.

However, in 2013 changed courses and made a major career pivot. She acquired what came to be known as the Ellevate Network. Later, as Co-Founder and the now current CEO of Ellevest, she is dedicated to helping women meet their financial and professional goals by redefining investing for women. She knows that there is power in money and she wants women to have their fair share of both.

Maxine Ryan is one very successful university dropout. Just six months shy of her International Relations degree she left university in Australia and headed back to Hong Kong to pursue her calling in blockchain technology. Now Ryan is the COO and Co-Founder of Bitspark, a blockchain centric remittance platform.

Ryan knew she would be one of the few females among her peers and competitors, but she hasn’t looked back. Her passion for the undeveloped possibilities of blockchain technology led to her develop Bitspark into the international platform it is today, helping users send cash overseas faster and with less expensive exchange rates than its competitors.

Marla Blow spent years as an executive with Capital One and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. As she worked in the world of consumer credit she observed a lack of available credit options to consumers with subprime credit scores. She thought the traditional subprime credit industry was not only predatory but it was leaving out a large slice of the American public.

In 2014 Blow created FS Card Inc., a credit card startup. As CEO, now she dedicates her time to helping consumers find a payday lending alternative. With FS Card’s signature product, the Build Card, an unsecured credit card with a $500 spending limit Blow is helping subprime credit consumers safely rebuild their credit.

Carla Dearing is another female FinTech thought leader who grew up in the traditional world of corporate banking and investments. As the CEO and Founder of Sum180, she used her industry experience to lead a team of veteran Wall Street and technology entrepreneurs to lay a solid foundation for her online financial planning services platform.

Sum180 was originally designed by women for women. At Sum180, Dearing stands out from her competitors by focusing on the user experience. She and her team are making financial planning accessible to everyone, not just those with the money or the background in investing.

Alexa von Tobel hatched the idea of LearnVest early on in her career as a trader at Morgan Stanley. She realized that most people, even people like her who worked in the financial industry had no formal education on how to manage their personal finances, and thus, LearnVest was born.

More than just the CEO of LearnVest, von Tobel is also a New York Times bestselling author. She authored Financially Fearless, where she doles out practical and tech-savvy advice on budgeting and managing finances for the next generation of consumers.

Gloria Kimbwala took a non-traditional path to arrive at her successful career in FinTech. When she first arrived at Square to attend Square’s Code Camp, she was finishing her master’s degree in software engineering. She realized that she was often the only female or minority engineer in her college classes. Code Camp gave her the opportunity to meet other female engineers and she realized that the problem with diversity wasn’t just with her school, it was affecting the entire tech industry.

She’s not just a graduate of the Code Camp program at Square, now she’s running it and raising up the next generation of influential female engineers. Although Kimbwala is not a founder or CEO like many other women on this list, she’s proving that passion and, a drive for change and innovation are must-have qualities of the next generation of FinTech leaders.