About Zume Inc

At Zume (A.K.A. the robot pizzeria) they simply love pizza - almost as much as coming up with innovative ways to make and deliver their irresistible pies. Before engaging us, Zume had already established a groundbreaking formula to source, make, bake and deliver their pizza. All they needed was a partner that could develop a powerful distribution system that would communicate with their custom platform.

Disruptive Technologies: Zume Inc’s innovative technologies have met their goal of becoming a truly disruptive force in the food delivery industry.

What We Did: Partnered with Zume to help this automated pizzeria “build a better robot,” developing a system to “drive” their innovative Bake-On-The-Way production platform. Thanks to their upgrades, Zume’s platform is more secure and features a faster API. And we simplified the purchasing process, allowing Zume customers to easily register, login and make purchases.

Services Provided

  • Technology Migration
  • Back-End Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Complex Integration Solutions
  • Software Testing and QA

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