About Upgrade

Upgrade’s founding team pioneered online lending on the premise that an online platform would operate at a lower cost and deliver a better customer experience than traditional banking. They created Upgrade, a platform that combines a decade of online lending experiences with the latest technology to further reduce the cost of credit, and deliver access to new products designed to help consumers better understand their credit and make responsible credit decisions.

Marketplace Lending: A consumer-credit platform that provides tools for online personal loans and credit monitoring.

What We Did: Upgrade approached us to build multidisciplinary teams of full-stack and front-end engineers, automation engineers and software architects. To accomplish this, we swooped in and grew Upgrade’s development team by 80%, helping them to complete their project under budget and in record time.

Services Provided

  • Back-End Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Product Architecture and Design
  • Software Testing and Q A
  • DevOps

We had an ambitious delivery timeline and True North helped us accelerate our development and testing, on-time and under budget.

Renaud Laplanche
Co-founder and CEO

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